I've heard that you do internal examinations? Please tell me more.

An internal examination involves an internal digital examination of the pelvic floor. Internals are typically performed at the second consultation and there is NO obligation if this is not something that you are comfortable with. There is a significant amount of work that can be done without internal examination and treatment. 

I experience pain with penetration! Are internal examinations compulsory?

The intention of my sessions are to reduce experiences of pain, fear and anxiety, I’d like you to rest assured knowing the I have no intention of causing any of the above.
If you have been encouraged or expected to push through an examination in the presence of pain, that is NOT what you will experience in my treatment rooms.
Internals are helpful but they are not compulsory for the successful treatment of your current concerns.

What should I bring?

If you have been sent with a referral letter, that is always a great compliment to your assessment. This way I will be able to continue communication within the multidisciplinary team. Otherwise, if you have had any prior treatments, assessments or scans your reports will be of great value.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes that you can move and exercise in are best. I have towels for each patients but you are welcome to bring along your own towel to drape if you’d prefer.

What if I just have lower back pain, will you do an internal?

If you have back pain, hip pain, neck pain or even jaw pain – that is where we will start our assessment and treatment. I look at these symptoms with the eye of a physiotherapist but also a pelvic health practitioner, this allows for a new perspective on management. This is of great value particularly in those that have experienced long standing symptoms despite multiple interventions and treatments.
Internal assessment are only done if necessary and will always be done with comprehensive education and consent prior. 

I have my period, must I cancel?

There is no need to cancel!
Pelvic health physiotherapy is most effective if we look at you as a whole, if you are uncomfortable with the idea of an internal examination then there are many other aspects (Lower back, activity, balance, pelvic mobility, hip mobility, breath, jaw, neck, upper back, bladder dynamics, bowel habits, sexual health education…) that we can both treat and assess in order to guide you to your goals.

How many sessions should I book?

Your wait time might be 2-3 weeks, for this reason we need to plan ahead!

Local Patients, I suggest booking 3-6 consecutive sessions (one week apart). (ie. I will see you once a week for 6 weeks)
Once a week for 3 weeks followed by once every second week for 3 weeks (total 6 sessions)

If you are coming from far, we can book once a week for 3 weeks followed by once every second week for 3 weeks (total 6 sessions)

If you are coming from very far, and staying in the area for physio, please get in touch prior! In the interim:
You can book 3 consecutive days and 3 sessions every 2nd day (total 6)
Alternatively, we can book long sessions (1,5-2hours) – note medical aid will not cover this entirely.

Planning ahead ensures that you get the days and times that are suited to you! 

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